Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Series Launch on Oct 19.


Google Pixel 6 series is coming on October 19, the tech goliath has reported. Consistently, Google dispatches its new Pixel equipment at an October occasion, yet this year, the organization previously divulged the Pixel 5A and the Pixel 6 couple through video mysteries. Yet, there is still a great deal that Google needs to discuss, basically for its lead Pixel 6, and that is the reason the October 19 occasion sounds spot on. The occasion starts at 10 am PT, which is 10.30 pm IST, on October 19. 

The principal center will be around Google Tensor, which is the organization's absolute first processor implied only for the Pixel telephones. Google is done depending on Qualcomm for the processor inside its Pixel telephones, yet that isn't the principal reason. With Apple gaining ground with each chipset, in turn, Google was concerned it would fall behind in the chipset game. Google Tensor is the appropriate response, and in case we are to accept late reports, it will be a truly strange processor by the current norms. 

That is on the grounds that the mix of execution and effectiveness centers in the processor doesn't go in accordance with what other comparative processors offer. Google has not said much with the exception of prodding the Tensor. Google will discuss its processor finally - in addition to other things about Pixel 6 - logical at the occasion, and we will be acutely attentive. Additionally, Google may likewise report Android 12 for the Pixel telephones at the occasion. Despite the fact that Android 12 is presently accessible, it isn't for the Pixel telephones, shockingly. Perhaps Google needed to hold that for the committed occasion. Reports are likewise overflowing that Google might review its first foldable Pixel at the impending occasion. However, it appears to be improbable that the dispatch will happen. 

The chance, nonetheless, isn't zero, and all things considered, Google would have beaten Apple in the foldable game despite the fact that Samsung has outshone every one of them. Google is calling the occasion "Pixel Fall Launch" and it will be committed to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in particular. On October 19, we're formally acquainting you with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro the totally rethought Google telephones. Fueled by Tensor, Google's first custom portable chip, they're quick, savvy, and secure. Also, they adjust to you. #Pixel6Launch," Google posted on Twitter through its Made by Google account. 

There is additionally a site intended to publicity the dispatch of Pixel telephones. At the point when you hold the spacebar while remaining on the site, the "dispositions" will change. This implies that the shades of the page and the ambient sound will change at each press of the spacebar. It is conceivable, nonetheless, that we will see the authority delivery date for Android 12 for Pixel gadgets on this occasion. 

Up until this point, Google has just delivered Android 12 as AOSP however just gave the next couple of weeks as a time span for the Android 12 update for Pixel and other OEM gadgets. The Pixel 6 telephones will be quick to include Google's in-house Tensor chip alongside a cutting edge plan and extravagant new cameras utilizing Samsung sensors. These will likewise be the main telephones to dispatch with Android 12. Estimating and accessibility to be uncovered at the dispatch occasion.


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