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PUBG Mobile Lite Game Now Available in India.

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PUBG Mobile Lite Now Available in India Last year, we got our first-ever glimpse at PUBG Mobile Lite; a lightweight version of the popular Battle Royals title designed explicitly for low-end devices. It was, for all practical purposes, a soft launch intended for testing only in certain markets. Starting today, PUBG Mobile Lite is now available in India. The title is already massively popular in the Indian subcontinent, and a lighter version of it will find takers. Although most modern-day devices -even the low-end ones- are capable of running the full version of PUBG Mobile, it doesn’t look/play particularly well and the Lite version may offer a better gameplay experience.

PUBG Mobile Lite features a smaller 2×2 map compared to 8×8 in the non-Lite version. There are only sixty players per round instead of a hundred and games typically last around 10 minutes. Everything else is the same, except for the graphics. The game weighs in at a modest 400MB, less than a quarter of its non-Lite counterpart. It also serves as an excellent alternative for people who cannot/don’t want to spend half an hour for a game. Tencent’s target audience here. A lot of players are already heavily invested into the full version of PUBG Mobile, and it is unlikely that they’ll want to start over with a version of the game that has fewer features compared to the original.

PUBG Mobile Lite is officially available in only a few regions, but users from all around the world should be able to sideload its APK and carry on playing. If you’re interested in checking out the game.

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