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ShadowHammer Malware Attack Fix by Asus Release.

Asus has released a fix for its software update app which reportedly was the source of a malware attack. Just yesterday we reported that hackers were able to deliver malware to, the more one million-plus Asus computer owners last year by hijacking the company’s software update system. According to Moscow-based cyber security provider Kaspersky Lab, he attacks took place between June and November last year and was used to deliver a software update with a “backdoor” that would give hackers access to infected machines. These malicious updates came with a digital certificate and appeared authentic to the security verification tool. Kaspersky researchers also reported that about 600 devices were targeted by the attackers. We have also updated and strengthened our server-to-end-user software architecture to prevent similar attacks from happening in the future.” The brand noted that the malware targeted a smallest number and specific user group, rather than a majority of everyday users. The Asus Live Update software has been updated to V3.6.8 and the tool also brings security verifications to prevent future malicious attacks that could be in the form of software updates as well as end-to-end encryption mechanism.

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