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Stay alert picture may lead to hacking of your smartphone.

Every one people gets such a big amount of forwarding pictures in WhatsApp and emails, and that we sometimes open them while not giving it an afterthought. Well, Google has uncovered the latest security vulnerability that may use to hack automaton smartphones employing a PNG file. As per Google's automaton security bulletin, A flaw within the operating system's framework will let a foreign offender execute coding system on an automaton smartphone employing a specially crafted PNG file. the protection vulnerability update is kind of imprecise because it doesn’t share something concerning what precautions must be taken or however a hacker will send easy trying PNG files to victims on e-mail, a program, or social websites that really trigger AN automaton smartphone to be compromised.

Google has not discharged technical details of the defect also. therefore it'll not be straightforward for anybody to seek out the hacking technique. Well, the great a part of automaton security bulletin is that Google has not received any reports of anyone exploiting the vulnerability as of currently and has patched the problems with an upgrade to automaton within the sort of a security patch. however, it has to see once the telephone trafficker World Health Organization sell smartphones supported automaton software unleash the update.

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