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New Redesigns WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp in associate degree update nowadays has redesigned the settings menu for mechanical man users. The update is currently accessible for WhatsApp Beta users and has the build range v2.19.45. The update brings concerning vital style changes within the settings menu for the popular electronic communication app. It ought to be accessible during a stable update to the remainder of the users before long. The update doesn’t introduce a replacement feature or settings altogether, however, rather tries to beautify bound aspects of the menu. There are currently icons to every choice within the settings menu and therefore the network usage page is additionally redesigned fully. The beta version of this update focusses on giving the settings menu of the app a style overhaul. ‘Accounts’ section currently encompasses a dedicated icon for every of the computer menu. choices like ‘Security’, ‘Change number’, and ‘Two-step verification’ have additionally gained redesigned icons. The layout of all choices within the ‘Notifications’ section remains similar although. All the tools within the ‘Help’ section have additionally been updated with dedicated icons.

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