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Social network facebook is testing a new meme machine to bring back the kids.

Facebook's attempts to win back the eyeballs of teenagers aren't slowing down if new reports are to be believed: the social network is apparently testing a meme-filled feature called LOL with selected users, based around short, shareable video clips.

TechCrunch reported the trial run, which Facebook has since confirmed – the idea is to pack LOL with funny videos and GIF-style loops so that youngsters might be tempted to spend a little bit more time away from Instagram and Snapchat. Content gets pulled from the News Feed and the best meme pages on Facebook, apparently.

For now only around 100 high school students in the US have access to LOL, and they're presumably giving feedback to Facebook engineers as to why this is the best or worst idea in the history of social networking. Facebook says the concept is in its "early stages".

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