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The microsoft's redesigned Office icons signal big changes for nex generation

The Microsoft’s most Office is getting a makeover. The Redmond, Washington based tech giant on Thursday announced that it’s revamped the icons for the 10 programs that make up its office productivity. It’s no small task to redesigned a series of icons for a suite of apps, especially when more than a million people use them each day to work. It took Microsoft’s team of designers a full year from the time they started sketching ideas until the group finally landed on a look they like. There was a lengthy process of research and talking to people once we felt like we had a set that was starting to work an explained Becky Browns principal designer for the project. Then we would go talk to users and come back and refine that set and then talk to users again. So it was quite a long process just to make sure we were making something new and special that was going to be able to scale in the new gen future, and going to be able to be applied to all different kinds of displays and in all different kinds of ways. Microsoft aims to update the look of its Office icons every three to five years. And since the company last changed its design way back in 2013/14 it was time for something new to create. The visuals enhancement, which have a flatter look similar to windows 10 fluent design aim to draw attention to the changes Microsoft has made to the suite since it announced a redesign of some of Office’s most important elements such as the control bar or "RIBBON" of tools at the top of the screen back in June may be later.

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