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The google maps new personalised suggest come to ios

The google maps a launched its personalized For You section of recommendations in, and a big expansion for the feature: it’s launching for the first time on iOS in over 40 countries or more and expanded to over 130 new countries on Android. The For You section was earlier this year, promising a personalized feed of updates and news from the places and stores you already like as well as become for new things to try, whether you’re in your local neighborhood or looking for a hotel when you’re on vacation. The user can also follow specific stores and restaurant to make sure they’re always in the loop. It’s sort of like a Maps specific social network for anyone who was looking for such a thing. The For You section should roll out to Maps users today. When switching over to this tab, you’ll see any number of suggestions from newly opened places to visit or restaurants to try to new pop-ups to new menu items at favorite restaurants and restaurant suggestions Google thinks you’d like to try. It bases these on your personal tastes and preferences it’s inferred from your use of the Google Maps app, including what sort of businesses you search and follow.

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