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The diaMon Tech non-invasive glucose monitoring

The Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring. Most diabetes patients determine their blood glucose level with an outdated, decades-old procedure Prick a finger, put a drop of blood on a test strip, and place the tests strip in a glucometer that shows the blood sugar level. Our device families A desktop device for clinically setting and multiple users and compact pocket devices for the end users. The band is a glimpse into a the future: A watch-likes device you can wear on your wrist that measures your glucose levels continuously. Each device can also be a communicated with your mobile phones so you can check your pieces of information any time and take immediate action. Diabetes is a globally challenged. More than 400 million people worldwide sufferer from the disease. And after you place your finger gently on the sensor, a light beam is directed to it. Glucose in your skin transformed that lights to heat. This minimal change in temperature you won't notice it is measured by our detection system. Our devices they calculated your blood sugar level based on the temperature change. Our goal is to make check your blood glucose level as easy as unlocking your phone. Our technologies are based on the well established physical method in the fields of spectroscopy. We expanded on these methods to be able to detect glucose in the human body. We are developing a new non-invasive glucose monitor that will help you take control save of your life. The Caution: GlucoWise is still under development and not available for public testing. If you are interested please use the "Get involved" signup form on this pages. Due to the overwhelming demand, we are unable to respond to individual emails - we are the focus on getting the device to the markets quickest This is a concept we call photothermal detection Professor Werner Mäntele and his team developed the method over the courses of 10-15 year and Diamon Tech adapted it to create a medical devices. You will be able to get measurement throughout the day without pain or extra cost. Diabetologists suggestions that more frequented blood glucose measurements can leaded to better overall diabetes management and less diabetes-related illnesses. Until there a cure for diabetes, DiaMonTech can make living with it much easy. That all changes now. Our patented technology works with an invisible infrared light beam that looks into your skin and counts glucose molecules. This process is fasts, painless, and cost-effectiveness. You will be able to performs well an unlimited amount of measurements and learn about your blood glucose level as it changes throughout the days and overnight. DiaMonTech makes over managing diabetes much easier with the help of more frequent measurements monitor that will help you.

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