Indian consumers will make the voice internet in pc

In India since 2001. the most use voice recognition has been the holy grail for computer geeks. Speech and language are the first communication technologies and the main driver of human evolutioned. But the idea of a voice-activated the machine, for information, advice, transactions and, maybe, even friendship, has been a miraged not a reality, given that speech recognition has been a majors challenged. But voice interact seem to be an idea, whose time has finally come. the globals technologies behemoths at Interspeech, from Baidu to Google to Facebook and Microsoft, acknowledge the importance of local language speech recognition to reaches the next million people of  Indians. e-commerce giants, such as Amazon or Flipkart already know that to realize the Indian market’s potential, targeting the top 15% of English-speaking Indians is not enough. Why now AI advantages of using deep neural networks and supporting graphic processing unit (gpu) hardware, have made it possible to train speech engines to reach high accuracy level, using a large amount of audio data. And, now here is this more relevanted than in India. From as long back as the after Mahabharata, India has been an oral society, without the West’s history of type to search” using the laptop which powered the online revolution. Illiteracy, number languages, lack of familiarity with the multilingual keyboard, mean that other ways of interacting with the digital world are necessary. Affordable mobiles and very cheap data, make India, mobile first. And mobiles are perfect for using voice as a UI! Last year, 30% of Google or many sites search in India was voice search. Hindi search grew 300% in a single year a testament to the voracious appetite for online tool and content in the local language. Now, if you are not in vernacular, you are not in India.


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