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Facebook launches a new option of u spend time

The most social networking of facebook That’s about as useful as it gets. There’s no breakdown of exactly where your time goes while you’re on Facebook (and when in the day), and no way to restrict access to specific portions of the social network that you’re addicted to, like photo albums or Groups.U have to manage  And the ‘Friends on Facebook’ section simply brings up a list of pending friend requests and suggestions; I don’t see how that would help you manage your time spent in the app.If you’re keen on curbing the amount of time you waste on the social network, I’d recommend using the dashboard to first understand just how many minutes or hours you spend with it, and then look for a different – and healthier – activity to replace your cumulative Facebook breaks. You could, for example, go for a walk or a jog, play a sport, or practice playing a musical instrument.F

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