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After Samsung, LG hints at foldable mobiles in a feature

The most popular mobile Samsung its South Korean rival lg mobiles has now hinted at launching a foldable mobiles. The media reported.All three applications are categoriseded in Class 9 that includes mobiles so it’s a pretty safe bet that LG is claiming these names for any future devices it makes a flexy on the other hand, is an interesting choice by LG, especially considering that Google is using the word for its AI call-making feature that just started rolling out to users PhoneArenas reported. foldable or otherwise,” Engadgeted reported late on Friday The mobile maker has applied for three brand name registrations Flexy at the European Union Intellectual Property Office euipo.However, it was not clear if the names would be used for a smartphone or any other device.The first two, ‘Flex’ and ‘Folder are pretty straightforward and in sync with Samsung Galaxy F and Huawei Flexi or Flex trademarks.they are market tottaly stron

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